Causes & $olutions to Resolve A0L Mail Error Code 604 Online

AOL Mail is one of the best leading email services worldwide. It is mostly used to send or receive emails, reports, file data and documents to a customer or any other person. While accessing your AOL account, you may encounter the most common error “AOL Mail Error Code 604“. This error is caused by an interruption in communication between the user’s device and AOL. Another reason is that the user’s device has exposed fatal virus attacks and the virus is now causing problems in your AOL email account. This may prevent users from signing up for new ones. To the directly connect from customer support, you may call our helpline number (+1(866) 257-5356). Our certified team of experts give you support with 100% surety.

Why does AOL mail error 604 occur?

  • SMTP error
  • Connection difficulty
  • Account Configuration Error

How to Troubleshoot AOL Email Error 604?

To resolve an error in AOL mail, a user should follow the troubleshooting steps described below:

  • This error is usually encountered when there is an online connectivity problem. Therefore, to do the right thing, the web connection should work fine.
  • If an antivirus or firewall is installed, it should be temporarily disabled. After disabling, the user can try to send an e-mail.
  • The user is required to view the configuration of the account on the mail application. The setting of the outgoing server should be as follows:
    • Outgoing Server:
    • Port number-465
    • Encryption Type – SSL
  • Another option is to get rid of the AOL account from the tool. By deleting the account and re-adding credentials, the difficulty can be resolved.
  • The problem is often resolved by updating the mail application. The user should check for software updates within the system. An updated application is going to be compatible with AOL and mail will be sent.

Ways to Fix AOL Mail Error Code 604

Here, we mentioned few steps to resolve AOL Email Error Code 604. You have to follow these steps and fix your kinds of issues.

Restart the computer: The user may try to restart the PC for troubleshooting. This will clean the internal storage and in mostly cases also solve the difficulty.

Use a special browser: There may be a difficulty for older versions of the browser. A user can try to access AOL mail on a particular browser. Older browsers must be updated to work properly.

Check the display name: It is important to check the mail settings if the account was recently hacked or compromised.

Clear the cache: Clearing the browser cache may resolve the difficulty. This will remove unwanted information by resetting and therefore browser performance is about to improve.

Disable the pop-up blocking software: So, to send AOL email, the user must temporarily disable the pop-up blocking software.

Disable the firewall or antivirus: Temporarily shutting down the firewall within the system may resolve the difficulty. But it should be enabled immediately after sending an e-mail through an AOL account.

Contact to Our Certified AOL Technical Support Team via a Phone Call

If the difficulty is still not resolved or the user wants to understand how to fix the failure that sent the AOL Mail Error 604 message, AOL’s technical support is often contacted. Technical experts within the team will assist users with all solutions and possible support. They will reach via phone, email or chat.


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